Exercise and Mental Illness

Having recently moved house, I found myself stupidly broke after paying higher rent plus deposit, so I had to cut costs wherever I could. That meant suspending my membership at Premier MMA, the gym where I train in KTX kickboxing and jiu jitsu (these guys are incredible by the way – check them out if you’re local). I’ve always known it does me good on so many levels to have regular (even daily) exercise, especially in helping to manage my symptoms of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. But I thought to myself, ‘What harm can a month off do?’ and besides I didn’t really have another choice unless I got into (more) debt.

At the end of that time, I can say without doubt that a month makes all the difference. The consequences of not getting regular exercise have reminded me that the slippery slope to ill mental health is never far away. Continue reading

Tartan Tantrum takes GOLD at Premier MMA inter-club competition!

For the first time today since I started doing Korean Thai Cross (KTX) Kickboxing at Premier MMA, I took part in a ‘friendly’ sparring competition between the academy’s separate clubs. Last week the owner Chris Foran told us that we would learn more in three minutes of fighting than we would in three months of training, and he really wasn’t kidding.

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Premier MMA – Kicking Ass With Class

So I spent the other night at The Watford Colosseum, where Kayo-MMA hosted an epic event with a fight card made up of amateurs, semi-pros and pro fighters that ended with a dramatic, blood-soaked title fight that had me on the edge of my seat shouting for more. I’ve been training in kickboxing at Premier MMA in Middlesex for a few months now, and I was looking forward to watching how a real fight plays out – live and in the cage, with skilled fighters who, over time, have turned the techniques we learn in class into some ass-kicking magic.

Our own instructor Mr. Rick Selverajah was fighting in a semi-pro bout against a seriously tough opponent. He wasn’t in peak condition – just a few weeks before, he’d injured his shoulder, his arm and his knee. He was told he needed to 6 to 8 weeks’ rest, so he took off a week and a half, got back in training and took care of business against all the odds in what proved to be the best fight of the evening. Well done Sir!

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