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It has, as ever, been a busy old week. I’ve stepped a little bit closer to my dream writer’s routine by negotiating a part-time contract at work so that I get more time to write and to start building up my freelance projects too. Very exciting and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve spent the last few years building up my marketing and communications experience, so hey – if you want to get your products/services/crazy ideas out there, I’m your woman, get in touch.

I’m so pleased also to have been asked a few months ago by the wonderful Anora McGaha at Books by Women if I’d like to contribute a guest post to the website, an invaluable resource for any aspiring or published writer. I was delighted of course and the resulting post, Harnessing the Muse: How to Stay Inspiredcan be found here. It’s all about how Julia Cameron’s ‘morning pages’ exercise really developed me as a writer with the added bonus of boosting my mental and emotional wellbeing in a seriously meaningful way. I don’t think there are many writers out there who wouldn’t benefit from learning this technique to release a constant flow of creativity and inspiration.

I’ve always believed that writing is very much a spiritual pursuit; a journey in bringing your inner life to consciousness and defining it with words that allow readers access to your experience. I’ve learned a lot about self-development in therapy and in books, so you can imagine how ridiculously excited I was to book my tickets to this amazing event. Dr Brian Weiss’s work in particular has provided great sources of comfort to me over the years and I highly recommend you give it a read.

Not much been happening on the KTX kickboxing front this week because of a knee injury caused by not rotating properly when punching/kicking – ouch – and a toe injury (YOU know who you are!), but doing the Race for Life for Cancer Research UK tomorrow so resting up for now.

I’m gonna end this one with a major thank you to my friend and editor Chelle Johnson for giving me such motivation in my writing. You might know I’m working on a memoir about growing up in central Scotland (I’ll be posting excerpts soon), and after getting a proper verbal kick up the arse from her over a few glasses of wine recently – “Hurry up and get it fucking written! I know people who need to read your book!” – I’m happy to say it’s chugging along nicely.

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